Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sponsored by the Letters B, L, O and G, and the Number 1

Our Muppet friends at Sesame Street have always been pioneers when it comes to reaching out to today's youth. Consider how, in an effort to reduce childhood obesity, the Cookie Monster learned to eat fruit and veggies. Also understanding that entertainment is the key to learning, the arithmomanic Count Von Count helps college kids learn how to do derivatives.

But several new features of Sesame Street's modernization have left some some fans feeling disenfranchized. Consider how, in Cookie Monster's latest game, he forgoes fruits and veggies and instead eats all kinds of crap, ranging from Logs to Tubas (depending on the Letter of the Day). This certainly is not encouraging healthy eating habits in our children.

Also, Oscar the Grouch has been waiting for a new trash can from BFI for over 3 decades. He's still sitting in his grimy tin can, when BFI is certainly capable of delivering a 90-gallon plastic trash bin. We can only blame ourselves for not demanding better treatment.

In conclusion, if our children actually played outside instead of watching Muppets on TV all day, maybe they wouldn't be so friggin fat.

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sheryl said...

What's wrong with a little extra girth? I love being a BIG FAT AMERICAN...keep the buffet flowin I always say! Just becomes more cushion for the pushin baby! Why don't you stop by some time after work and I'll show you what I mean...
Don't knock it till you tried it Bobby...

PS - You are soooo hot!!!