Sunday, June 25, 2006

NYC, Day 5: Jesus H & H Christ!

After apparently running off one of the other bloggers, we went to St. Patrick's Cathedral for penance and reflection. The Cardinal was supposed to give mass, but instead we had a conglomeration of lesser priests. St. Patrick's Cathedral was built about a hundred years ago, can seat about three thousand people, and is located right on 5th Avenue, where the Gay Parade was going on. Talk about a potent combo! As far as I know, none of our priests joined the parade.

We've heard so much about New York bagels that we went out of our way to try some. We hit up H & H Bagels in Clinton, and they lived up to expectation. I pretended like I was foreign and kept pronouncing them as "bag ells." They really only sold bagels - no coffee, no seats, no nothing! So we walked to a Mickey D's and ate our bagels and scoffed at all the fat people eating Royals with Cheese. Now that I've been in NY for almost a week, it's only natural that I would start looking down on tourists.

The aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid, serves as a museum, so we walked around there and watched a movie about the US Navy shooting down Japanese kamikazee pilots. Just so you know, this movie was not based on the movie "Pearl Harbor" with Ben Affleck, as might be expected, but J-Lo did make an appearance.

We took the Circle Line cruiser around the harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty, as well as Wall Street, Ground Zero and Battery Park. We ate dinner at Papaya Dogs then had dessert at New York New York Cheesecake before attending an improv session at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre in Chelsea. We saw some writers/performers from SNL, Conan and Second City, and it was everything we hoped it could be and more.

Tomorrow we're going to Regis and Kelly, but Regis will not be there. Instead Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy will be there. The Gay Day theme continues. Def Leppard will be performing, so at least we'll get to see a one-armed drummer. We're also going to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees v Braves, as well as dining at Tavern on the Green, in Central Park. Hopefully my previous posts haven't scared off any more of my reader(s), and my apologies in advance to anyone offended by jokes concerning Jews, Christians, Gays, Whites, Albinos or telemarketers.


Beav said...

B2 - You're killing me with this schtict (i'm sure i didn't spell that right). Not offensive in anyway, but of course I grew up with Big Red so you'd have to work real hard to offend me. Y'all sound like you're having an awesome time. Keep up the posts!!!

Anonymous said...

Please include Asians to the list of who you've offended.

Wild Wayne said...

You said hold down the fort? I thought you said don't hold in the fart. You will have an up to par post from your comrades tomorrow, including links to muggings.