Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup News: France Surrenders!

In the 76th minute of the World Cup final between Italy and France, Zinedine Zidane strode to the middle of the field to meet Italy's captain, Mario Luigi, where Zidane prompty offered up terms of surrender for the French team.

He later head-butted Luigi in the chest. When asked why he did such a heinous act, Zidane was was quoted as saying, "J'ai un grand chat dans mes pantalon."

The World Cup final is probably Zidane's last game with the French Surrender Monkeys, as well as his last international game. He plans on beginning his new career as a fluffer sometime next April.

France plans to continue not wearing deoderant as well as miming themselves eating French bread in an invisible box. The Italians plan on continuing to innovate and inspire, citing the Renaissance, pizza, and this World Cup final as their greatest achievements.

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URFager said...

Long live the muffalleto!

By the way, didn't you head but that little defender girl when you were playing soccer in 3rd grade? I seem to recall you hurt your neck doing that.

Cest' bon!