Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Ballad of Bob

I love to sing, but unfortunately for those around me, I am not very good at it. Oh, I'll hit the occasional note here and there, but never at the right moment and never on the right key. But dang do I love it! Laaaa!

So to help me enjoy singing, I've gotten a couple of my closest friends together and started a band. I meant to start an Air Band but it somehow became an actual band. Now I have to display talent, persistence and endurance, and I'm pretty sure I became a Software Developer so I could avoid all of that. On the bright side, I can now sing backup and harmonize, but if I find that I'm having an off day then I'll just move my lips and dance to the beat. I'm a much better dancer than I am a singer - just ask the twelve year old kid that I whupped on Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade last week. Booyah!

The Tanory Band

Our band will sing a lot of melodious, easy-listening tunes... you know, "good timey music." Our band is called "The Fecal Foursome," and our slogan will be, "We Sound Like Shit!" We pulled that from a hat. I wanted our band to be named "An Autonomous Collective Against Outdated Imperialistic Dogma Which Perpetuates the Economic and Social Differences In Our Sociey," or maybe "The Crybabies," but alas, that's what happens when you don't rule with an iron fist.

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