Monday, May 21, 2007


Today will go down in history as the day the Veggielution began in earnest!

Exhibit A: Random stranger seen wearing Tanory Tantrum clothing!

I swear I'm not related to this person other than by blood.

(Editor's note: I swear I'm not related to this person other than by blood.)

In my personal experience, clothing lines never take off until beautiful girls start wearing your logo. So it's official - my clothing line rocks! Look out, Thomas Hilfiger! I'm coming for you! And your little dog, too!

Exhibit B: San Jose starts Veggielution Club based on Tanory's Shirt

Some students at San Jose State University decided to start their own Veggielution club. I will be sending all of SJSU's Veggielution club a free t-shirt, after they send me $15.

Exhibit 3: Veggielution shirt named Top 10 Shirts of All-Time on Zazzle (if you exclude all days other than May 19)

That's right, the Veggielution made it to the top 10 most viewed items on Zazzle on May 19th. It was apparently ignored most other days, but May 19th is like the Veggielution's D-Day!


1 comment:

"The" Complete Stranger said...

I, a satisfied customer, would like to report that the Veggielution t-shirt has changed my life. When I'm snacking on Betty and Lynn Tanory's special desserts, I can wear the shirt proudly to signify the war gauged by my taste buds against the green monsters; but on those rare occasions, when I am forced to slip in a brocc or two, I can wear it as a sign of my temporary allegiance.

Quite a versatile piece of artwork indeed, viva!