Monday, September 22, 2008

Ode to Bob, by Betty

Bob & Becca tied the Emmy 2008 Competition with nine votes and I came in a near second with eight votes. Gransy and Papa Cheech tied for dead last with six points so they were the actual losers.

Anyway, I promised Bob a blog about how great that he is but he technically only gets half of a blog since he only won half of the competition. Annie decided that she would help me write the blog too since she had lots to say about how great her DaDa is.

[Picture: Anne writing a blog about her DaDa]

Annie blogged, "DaDa I love you very much! You are such a nice fluffy pillow to sleep on and I like how you rock me to sleep every night. I think you are pretty handsome too. I guess I have to say this since I look just like you! DaDa you are the best DaDa in the world but I wish you would stop blogging about my untimely explosions. I am just a little baby girl and I just can’t help it. Since you only beat Mommy by one point in the Emmy competition, I still think that you should give Mommy a nap! I love you DaDa!"

[Picture: Anne updating her Anne of the Day website]

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