Saturday, April 04, 2009

Anne's First Birthday!

Today is Anne's first birthday! Hurray!

We had a big birthday bash for Anne at our house today. There was a lot of work to do this week to prepare for the party, so like any dutiful father would do, I worked late every day and just let my father-in-law do my To Do List.

Thanks, Pops!

Anne racked up on the loot. I don't know where we're going to put everything, but apparently Betty thinks that my stuff can be thrown out to make room for Anne's new toys. Oh well... I wear the same five shirts to work every week, so I guess I really don't need the room.

Anne officially turned one at 4:32 PM. And coincidentally, we didn't let Anne play with any of her toys until 4:30. It wasn't tough love - it just took that long for me to put all of her toys together.

My favorite part was watching Anne eat her cake. She mainly ate the icing - more proof that she's her daddy's child.

[Picture: Anne grubbing]

Betty and I would like to thank everyone who came to Anne's party, especially those of you who had to drive in from out of town. Having all of you at the party was Anne's favorite gift.

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