Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Custard's Last Stand

They say that good things come to those who wait. But what if something is just not worth waiting for? That's the question Betty and I asked ourselves tonight while at Cade's in Gonzales.

Cade's serves custard and yogurt, and Betty and I used to go there at least once a week before Anne was born. Their custard is terrific. But their service... not so much.

Cade's owner is both male and an adult, however, you wouldn't know either if you were to stop in at Cade's on any weekday after 5 pm - because he's never there. Instead, your custard baristas are high school girls whose idea of good customer service is telling their friends (who are all behind the counter) about how hard math is, how many boys they've dated, and which customer is going to have to wait the longest because he keeps jotting down blog notes in his tiny notepad.

Guilty as charged.

Sure, the girls wear tight shirts, short skirts and bend at the waist to do things which generally should not require bending - all of which makes for a good show. But it gets old after standing in line for 30 minutes, especially when there's only one other family in front of you. Seriously, how difficult is it to mix Reese's with yogurt?

Standing in line for 30 minutes gets really tiresome when you're a short, fat semi-old fart like I am. And since Cade's only adds to my fatness, and since my fat is then pulled by gravity thus making me shorter, I think it's time to phase out Cade's.

I guess I'll have to cut ice cream out of my diet until next Valentine's Sonic Sweetheart Blast.

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