Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NBA Playoffs

I'm short so maybe I'm biased, but I find tall people hilarious. Everything they do makes me laugh.

Take basketball, for instance. I'm fascinated with basketball right now. Ever since I went to my first Hornets game I've been watching NBA games like crazy. The Hornets are now in the playoffs, and even though they got spanked by 80-something points in the first game, I still love to watch them.

I see tall people!

When I was at the Hornets game, we sat on the fifth row and everything looked so fast. The players were quick and their movements were sometimes faster than the eye could see.

But on TV, the players just look goofy. Especially when they run.

The one tall person who is not funny is Yao Ming. Nobody should be allowed to be that tall as well as be able to shoot three pointers so well.

The next Hornets game is on Wednesday. So grab a beer, hop on the recliner and take a sip every time a funny tall guy falls - it's hilarious!

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