Saturday, April 25, 2009


We went to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans today.

[Picture: Us at the zoo]

Unfortunately for us we did not get to see the monkeys do it, but on the bright side we did see a couple of randy turtles as well as some monkeys with pads on their butts.

The most memorable part of our trip was when Anne pointed to a gorilla, smiled and yelled, "Dada!" Everyone around us laughed at that one.

The second most memorable part of our trip was watching two giraffes fight.

[Picture: Two peeved giraffes]

Giraffes fight by standing side-by-side and swinging their heads at each other. Each one would take turns smacking the other one in the neck.

But since we were in New Orleans, it was inevitable that one of the giraffes whipped out a gat and shot the other giraffe in the face. But don't worry kids, the giraffe who got shot still lived, and went on to have a thriving music career as a rap artist. His stage name is the Notorious G. Raffe.

Next time we go to New Orleans we want to go to the aquarium, where we hope to see all kinds of fun and exciting fish, as well as watch two sharks fight to the death over a female shark tart.

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sew-crafty-girl said...

Notorius G Raffe. Oh wow. I laughed more than I should have at that.