Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Baton Rouge Zoo

Betty and I brought Anne to the Baton Rouge Zoo today.

Getting to the Baton Rouge Zoo was an adventure in itself. It took us 45 minutes to get there, and we had to cross Choctaw and drive down Plank Road to get there. If you're not from Baton Rouge, here's a fun fact for you: 90% of the murders in Baton Rouge take place on either Choctaw or Plank Road.

Basically, the Baton Rouge Zoo is in the ghetto.

So after I sped down Plank Road and ran every light in an effort to outrun the bullets flying at my car, I skid into my parking place at the zoo. We unloaded Annie and made a mad rush to see the elephant show at 10 a.m.

Except there was no elephant show. The elephant cage was under construction.

So were the lion and tiger cages.

[Picture: Don't feed the contractors!]

After wandering around the Baton Rouge Zoo for an hour I was ready to go. But then we came upon the giraffes, and one of them walked right up to us. From there, our day got much better.

[Picture: Anne made friends with a giraffe]

Next we walked into a petting zoo, where Anne got to meet some goats and sheep. Anne was amazed, and I was amazed as well - just look at this three-balled sheep I found!

[Picture: Three-balled sheep]

I also saw a goat that either had some serious hemmoroid issues, or maybe this is a vagina that was blown out giving birth. Either way, I had to get a close-up of it.

[Picture: Parental guidance warning for this picture... ewwww!]

I entertained myself at the zoo by writing down all the funny names that animals have. For instance, we saw a White Crappie at the aquarium, an ass, a macaque (sound it out), a duiker (the sign said it's pronounced DIKE-er), and a rabbit whose genus and species is Oryctolagus cunnilingus.

Our day at the Baton Rouge Zoo was fun, but if we're going to drive another 45 minutes to get to a zoo, it's going to be the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

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