Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Anne's Video Game

I downloaded the XNA Game Studio from Microsoft, which allows you to make video games for the PC, XBox and Zune, and am tinkering with a game about my daughter. I thought I'd just track my progress here, so later when it becomes a billion dollar success you can say, "I saw it first! And it needed a lot of work back then!"

This is the Start Screen. The purpose of the game (at the moment) is to crawl to get the iPhone at the bottom center of the screen. But you have to watch out for Cousin Grant in the background - don't let him soak you with the garden hose!

[Picture: Start screen]

I need a new source picture for when Annie gets the iPhone, so Papa Cheech needs to lend me his iPhone for a few minutes. It's for a good cause, Cheech! But this is the current "victory" pose.

[Picture: Success!]

I haven't added any squirting water from the hose, and need to add collision detection for when Anne runs into Grant, but other than that I think this was a good way to learn XNA.

My next game will be a "First Person Slobberer," which means it will be from Anne's point of view and the purpose of the game will be to slobber on as many objects as possible before Mama and Dada catch you!

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