Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bob in Software

Every software developer I know reads an occasional article from a blog called Joel on Software. But a few weeks ago, my parents told me about this blog with so much enthusiasm that I felt like the only way to make them proud was to create my own tech blog that rivals Joel's.

And since Joel already has "Joel on Software", I've decided to go a different route: I've decided to be "in" the software instead of "on" it.

Introducing the first of many articles about software, I'm proud (and hope my parents are proud) to present the first ever...

Bob in Software!

[Picture: Bob in Software part 1 -]

See how I'm "in" this image, created within Paint.NET? I'm brilliant, I know.

Joel, eat shit and die, because my new tech blog is coming after you, sucka!

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