Monday, June 29, 2009

Diet Pensa-Cola

Another day, another educational trip to the restroom.

In this morning's reading of "Perdido Key Magazine" I learned that five flags have flown over Pensacola: Spanish, French, British, Confederate and American. Upon acquiring their next flag they will get a Six Flags theme park.

I also learned that Pensacola is the home to the Blue Angels. I knew those guys had to live somewhere, but I always thought it was a castle in the sky. Those guys rock!

Finally, I learned that the official state swimsuit is the g-string. I tried explaining this to a woman who was very offended that I was running around with my swimsuit halfway up my cheeks, but she wasn't buying it. By the way she was screaming at me, you'd think g-strings were only supposed to be worn by women or something.

I'll keep you updated on my learning adventures as the week goes on.

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