Friday, June 05, 2009

I Challenge Bobby Jindal to a Punch Out Duel!

You read it correctly - I challenge Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal to a Wii Punch Out duel, and I'm going to kick his ass to the curb!

I originally challenged BJ to a duel on Twitter, because Jindal follows my Tweets. But I figured that nobody else knew about this challenge since I've locked down the security on my Twitter page so that nobody can actually read my Tweets anymore.

Ah, technology!

So why am I challenging Bobby Jindal? Is it because I want to smash his digital face in? Or is it that I want to humiliate him by knocking him around for 2.9 rounds before TKO'ing him in front of millions of screaming Louisianians and neo-conservatives?

No. It's because I love Bobby Jindal, and I know that he would do anything for us Louisianians. The Wii boxing match would be for charity.

And if Jindal wins, the Wii boxing re-match will also be for charity.

It can be any charity that Bobby Jindal wants it to be, although I'd suggest something along the lines of Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief, St. Jude, or my daughter's college fund which has somehow managed to lose $4K in the past year.

It's a college fund, for crying out loud! How can it lose money!

But if BJ thinks that boxing is not the appropriate way to raise money for charity then I'd also consider racing him in Mario Kart. Either way, he's going down.


4Chiwawas said...

Dude, you are now on so many Secret Service lists I'm afraid to say I know you! Good luck with the punch out duel. You're a dear freind and all, but my money's on GOVERNOR Jindal! Show some respect!

Bobby said...

Wow, I didn't think about that, but I bet you're right. I guess it's too late to retract my blog post, too. Maybe the Democrats will protect me!

4Chiwawas said...

Sure, they will. After all, we're now in the age of entitlement, and if ever there was a case for entitlement...