Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interstate Mullet Toss

Another day and another learning adventure in the restroom with Perdido Key Magazine.

This time around I learned that there is an Interstate Mullet Toss at the Flora-bama bar. The tag line for this adventure is "What better way to spend an evening than throwing a 1 pound mullet into Alabama?"

I also learned that Pensacola (which my wife's brothers call Pens-AH-coh-la, stressing the "Ah" instead of the "Co" - sound it out!) used to be named Panzacola. Panzacola was controlled by the Spanish, and Maubila (now Mobile) was run by the French. Perdido Key was a buffer zone between both groups, because you know what happens when French and Spanish people get together - flamenco guitar and eating snails.

God help us all!

Perdido Key was also home to several pirates who sailed back and forth from New Orleans, plundering and pillaging along the way. Legend has it that there is a lot of buried treasure in Perdido. I believe it, because I just saw a fat rich woman fall in the sand and spill the contents of her purse into the undertow. I'm going back out to the beach with a net in the hopes of catching a nice juicy Platinum credit card.

I'll keep you updated with my learning adventures. Until then - back to the beach to practice throwing fish for the Interstate Mullet Toss!

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