Saturday, June 27, 2009

Perdido Key, the Magazine

We're at Perdido Key for the week, and I'm determined to learn as much as I can about Perdido.

How will I learn about Perdido? Will I ask the locals? Will I ask Wikipedia? Will I dress like Spanish explorers and wage war on the natives?

No. I will go to the source of all things Perdido: "Perdido Key Magazine." This is the name of the magazine in our condo's bathroom. It is my new companion.

During my first trip to the restroom, I learned that Perdido Key was discovered by Carlos Siquenza, and he named is Perdido because "perdido" means "lost" in Spanish.

Perdido Key's white beaches are the result of quartz being eroded from the granite in the Appalachian Mountains. Rivers, creeks and stream carry the finely ground quartz down to Perdido, where currents deposit the sand onto the shore, at which point women in skimpy American Flag bikinis tan their side-boobs and butt cheeks.

God bless America!

I also learned that Gulf Shores has a zoo. I hope we can go so I can watch the monkeys do it.

I'll give you more updates on Perdido Key the next time I get to spend some quality time with my "Perdido Key Magazine."

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