Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bruno is the Funniest Gay Model since Schwarzenegger

If you have a deep religious belief that homosexuality is wrong, then you probably don't want to see the Bruno movie.

Maybe you aren't homophobic but just don't like to see several minutes of wieners in your movie. In that case, you might want to skip Bruno as well. Seriously, there's almost as much wiener in Bruno as there was in Watchmen.

If you are under 18, or are a very sheltered 18-21 year old, you might also want to skip the Bruno movie.

For everyone else, you've got to see it!

My family went to see the Bruno movie in Houston at the Studio Movie Grill. The Studio Movie Grill is a combination movie theater and restaurant, and they serve food, alcohol and regular concessions (like popcorn, candy, etc) while you watch the previews and movie. The server comes right up to your theater seat and takes your order - it was pretty cool! I got a frozen margarita and my brother got quesadillas, which I ate whenever he wasn't looking. Good choice, bro!

The funniest thing about the entire night was that my sister's boyfriend, John, came with us to the movie, and he sat between my sister and my dad. As you might remember from about 20 lines up in this blog post, there are several minutes of wieners in the Bruno movie. I couldn't stop laughing because I kept thinking of how uncomfortable John must have been.

I didn't think Bruno was as good as Borat, but then again, it's a different type of humor. And also, the butts of the jokes are different as well. In Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen (who plays both Borat and Bruno) uses his character's foreign culture as a means to shock and confuse the victims in the movie, as well as to show some of the victims' prejudices. In Bruno, the audience is as much the victim as the people Bruno interviews. The wieners are one example....

The next movie I want to see is either the Harry Potter movie or The Hangover. Maybe we can go back to the Studio Movie Grill, get wasted on margaritas and then fill up on quesadillas, watch the Harry Potter then go to The Hangover right as our own hangover kicks in. Who's with me?!

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babbbabe06 said...

You've gotta see The Hangover, Beebo! I liked it more than Bruno.