Thursday, July 02, 2009

Just Call Me Shooter McGavin

During my family's annual Mini-Golf-a-Thon, I hit not one but TWO back-to-back holes-in-one. I was like the Tiger Woods of putt-putt - or thought I was until Betty hit back-to-back holes-in-one as well. Then my sister hit a hole-in-one, and my mom hit a hole in one, and then everyone else started shooting like a pro.

Then I became the Happy Gilmore of putt-putt by smashing my club into various objects around the course.

[Picture: The Tiger Woodses of Mini-Golf]

For a while Betty was carrying Anne in the Baby Bjorn, and we gave her a one stroke handicap on every hole. But once Betty realized that it's incredibly difficult to play mini-golf when your daughter is moving around and kicking you in the stomach and grabbing for the club while you shoot, I went back to the car to get the stroller.

[Picture: Betty and Anne prepare for a shot]

We had six adults and one child, and even though we all hit holes-in-one we still took a while to play. We let some people pass us by, but then we came upon an even larger group and didn't feel like waiting for them to play, so I used my daughter's cuteness as a means to let us play through.

I mean, seriously, who can resist this cute little face?

[Picture: Turn up the cuteness!]

Once Betty was not "playing for two" she was really good. So I had no choice but to cough or sneeze when she tried to putt in order to screw her up. I needed all the help I could get - she was on a roll!

[Picture: Betty was on fire during mini-golf!]

Despite my finesse on the golf course, my mom eventually won. So far on this trip she's beat us at poker twice and mini-golf once. She's on a roll at the moment, and if pressured, could probably beat us at arm wrestling. It's so annoying! Nothing is worse than losing to my mom, because she makes us do the "Go, Mom!" dance - which is like a bad 50's dance that looks like you're trying to wax your car with both arms.

But as for the cutest player, my daughter takes the cake. And I think she's a natural, too. She hit a hole in 2 on a par 4, and that's not too shabby for a 15 month-old!

[Picture: Anne rocked the golf course!]

I can't wait til next year, when I'll redeem myself by hitting three holes-in-one and interfering with my mom's putts when she's on the back nine.

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