Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lake Lanier

We just got back from Lake Lanier, right outside of Atlanta, where we had gone for a family reunion. While on our trip, we learned that Lake Lanier is a reservoir, and that Atlanta uses it as a water supply.

I wish I had learned that interesting fact about 10 minutes prior. As it turns out, some poor Atlanta family is going to be getting a faucet full of pee soon.


Oh, and Geaux Tigahs!

While on the lake, Betty's Uncle Jay (or should I say, my Uncle Jay - since I've officially drafted him into the Tanory ranks) took us out on a boat. It was my daughter's first boat ride! And what a ride it was. Jay's boat was a Cobalt, and it went so fast that it skipped across the water.

[Picture: Anne's first boat ride]

I also took my first ride on a Jet Ski, although I learned that "Jet Ski" is a general term used like "Kleenex" or "Viagra". I really went on a Sea-Doo, and I now know why it's called a "Sea-Doo" - because when you ride on the sea for the first time, you shit your pants.

Sorry again, Atlanta. You should have never let me near your water supply.

The Sea-Doo I rode on went up to 72 miles per hour, but we topped out at 56. And let me tell you, that was plenty enough for me. Did I mention that I soiled Atlanta's water supply? Thought so.

Lastly, while in Atlanta I read a short story by Betty's cousin Taylor. Taylor lives in Vancouver and got published in a magazine called One Cool Word. That got me thinking about how I'm always writing but have never been published, except for those few times where one of my opinion pieces got published in LSU's newspaper, but that was basically just me calling someone else an idiot in as many different ways as I could. So congratulations to Taylor on getting published - and on a personal note, Taylor, thanks for getting me thinking about my next publishing venture, which entails me writing freelance letters telling random people that they are idiots, to be posted in college newspapers.

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