Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walking Tall

My daughter started walking. It's really cute - she puts her hands up in the air when she walks around the house, which I assume is because we used to hold her hands up when she was learning how to walk.

[Picture: My walking munchkin!]

And I don't mean to brag, but my baby is a genius. She can tell colors apart, she knows object names, can remember where you put something a day or two ago, and will find anything that you tell her, even if it's not in plain sight.

For instance, if I tell her to go and get me a root beer from the fridge, she'll do it! She stands up (all by herself!), throws her hands up in the air and runs into the kitchen. She'll reach up to grab the kitchen door but isn't strong enough to pull it open, and after a few minutes of listening to Anne whine at the fridge, Betty will open the door for her.

Once Anne has my beer, coke, remote, or whatever I've asked her to get for me, she'll hold it above her head as she runs back to me. She's the cutest!

I'm just so amazed with how smart she is. For instance, I just asked her to grab me a piece of pizza and she knew right where to go! She walked up to the island in our kitchen (which we've named Tanory Island) and started reaching up to the pizza box. Betty grabbed a piece of pizza and started walking back to me, and then Anne started going ballistic because she wanted to do it, so Betty gave her the pizza. Then Anne held it above her head like a trophy and walked back to me.

Sure, some of the cheese slopped off onto the carpet, but Anne went and fetched some paper towels for me, which I handed to Betty. All by herself! What a genius!

This is like the greatest thing ever! My baby is walking and learning, and most importantly, is helping her DaDa not have to do any work! If only I had ten more children, I'd be the most productive DaDa ever!

Now if only we can teach her how to mow the lawn....

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