Thursday, August 06, 2009

Black Jack!

Counting Crows is one of my favorite bands, and they just so happened to be playing at the Beau Rivage on Thursday with Augustana - a band that Betty really likes. Good music, gambling, Asians playing baccarat, and a grandmother willing to babysit for the night... it was the perfect storm for a great night!

So off to the Beau we went.

During our pre-concert meal my daughter, Anne, started throwing a "real Tanory Tantrum" as we like to call them. Anne and I got up from the table and made our way to our room. But on the walk to the elevators I heard the siren song of the slot machines ringing away in the background.

Stick your player's card in my slot! they called out to me. Yank my handle, slam my buttons hard, you know you want to! Ring ring ringringring!

I found myself walking past a distracted security guard and entering the main gaming room with Anne in my arms. And although the slots were calling out to me, I caught a glance of the Black Jack tables in the distance. And before I knew it I was doubling down on an eleven.

I had put Anne on the chair next to mine right before my hand was dealt, and she crawled up onto the table and sat down right on the part of the table where you place your bet. The dealer called the pit boss over who explained that the table had a $500 betting limit, but the baby was probably worth more than that, so I would have to use her to bet at a different table.

I was shocked! They would have taken my baby if I had lost my hand, even though I had no intention of gambling her away! And furthermore, I could use her to bet on the high limit tables - woo!

I picked Anne up and made my way to the Craps table, setting Anne down on the Hard Six. The Hard Six pays 9-1, and I ended up getting nine more babies that night. Apparently other parents got sucked into the gaming room with their kids as well.

I traded all the kids back to their parents, swapping the kids for ticket upgrades to the Counting Crows concert. We ended up sitting on the third row from the front, and had a great view of lead singer Adam Duritz and the band playing their hearts out. Duritz was swinging a cane while he played because he had spent the day in a New Orleans hospital getting treatment for an infection on his knee. But his injury didn't stop him from jumping around off of amplifiers and stage props.

And because we were sitting so close, not only could I see Duritz but he could see us. "Hey!" he crooned, "aren't you the guy who won nine babies at the Craps table today?"

Everyone turned my way. I admit that I had a smug grin on my face, because the previous Beau Rivage record for most babies won in one night was 7.

"Yes," I said, "and I would like to hear Rain King if you don't mind."

(They also played a great cover of Van Morrison's Caravan.)

What a great night! I can't wait for the next concert at the Beau!


4Chiwawas said...

OMD! I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying! If you had gone to the slots, my mom was probably there and she would have babysat Anne for you! Dude, you are a riot!

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