Sunday, August 30, 2009

Children's Museum

If you go to the World War II Museum in New Orleans then you'll find artifacts from WWII. If you go to the Natural History Museum in NYC you'll find exhibits dealing with dinosaurs, human civilization and other facets of natural history.

But much to my dismay, the Acadiana Children's Museum in Lafayette wasn't a museum of children.... it was a museum for children. It did not have any exhibits featuring the history of children how they've developed over the centuries. There were no scientific papers or comparisons of children across cultures. Instead, the Children's Museum was a fun place for children to learn about colors, shapes, numbers, as well as to learn about how to interact with other people in the form of shopping and the news.

What a rip-off!

I found this out on Saturday when we took my daughter, Anne, and my godson, Joshua, to the Acadiana Children's Museum in Lafayette. They had a blast! We had a pretty good time, too.

For starters, we took Anne to "make groceries," as we say in Acadiana. She pushed a child-sized cart around a miniature Winn-Dixie, and she even got to check herself out at the self-checkout.

[Picture: Anne making groceries]

One of Anne's favorite activities is blowing bubbles, and at the Children's Museum she got to see some giant bubbles being made. They had these giant tubs of soapy water (or Bubble Sauce, as I like to call it) and you could make bubbles in the form of circles, triangles or rectangles. I stayed away from this part of the exhibit because I was trying to go an entire week without a bath (for scientific research, of course) and was afraid the soap would ruin my streak of 5 days, but Betty partook in the bubble making.

[Picture: Bubbling Betty]

Anne and I moseyed over to the official Children's Museum news station where we broadcast our fun activities all over the Acadiana area. I gave the Sports update, and Anne gave a Weather update. We then pantomimed a high speed chase down I-10 as part of special news coverage.

[Picture: Here's Anne with the Weather]

If you're ever in the Lafayette area, head down to the corner of Congress and Jefferson and take your kids to the Acadiana Children's Museum. Sure, you won't learn scientific facts about children and their history, but your kids will have a blast playing with every toy imaginable.

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