Monday, August 17, 2009

The Donald

A few weeks ago I reported that I was going to be Donald Duck for Halloween. Little did I know that it's nearly impossible to find a Donald outfit at an affordable price.

The only thing I found online that was less than $150 was a used Donald Duck outfit on eBay. Betty and I kept thinking about placing a bid for it, but really we just liked looking at the picture of the guy dressed as Donald:

[Picture: You quacking at me?

Every few minutes we'd drift back to the eBay site to look at the guy in the Donald outfit. Would I really buy it? And would I look as awesome in it as the guy in the picture?

A few days ago the Donald suit was up for sale for a meager $17.01. That's a far cry from the $415 that we saw at one site for a brand new Donald Duck outfit. I also found a site to rent one for $60. But right before the sale ended, the eBay Donald went up to $71.

So instead, I'll just wear a navy blue sailor outfit, a beret, webbed feet and no pants. Which is honestly what I would have done had I even won the Donald outfit on eBay.

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4Chiwawas said...

No pants! Oh my - will they let you go to work like that??? Check out sewing patterns. Even if you have to get someone to make it, it can't cost nearly as much