Monday, August 03, 2009

Forever Stamps

Betty usually pays our bills, but after I paid a handful of bills tonight I realized something:

The Post Office has some great (read: evil) marketing people.

When it was time to put stamps on the envelopes, I started digging through our drawer and came up with a booklet of Forever Stamps. The Forever Stamps don't have a price on them, because technically they're supposed to be good "forever".

Looking at the bell on the Forever Stamps, I realized that I had completely forgotten what the price of stamps are. I hardly ever pay my bills via snail mail because I can practically pay for everything online (either manually or through auto-payment). When was the last time that I had to buy stamps???

Sure, I remember being outraged when the Post Office said that they were going to raise the price of stamps every year or so, but I didn't know how outraged I would be the next time the price went up because I didn't know how much a stamp costs today. And if you know anything about me, you know that I like to plan my outrage in advance.

And that's when I realized that that's the entire point of the Forever Stamps: to make you forget about the price of stamps.

They're not there so that you can buy a whole bunch now and then never pay a higher rate for stamps - although, that's what the Post Office wants you to think. No, the Forever Stamps are there to brainwash you.

Gris gris sha!

Why else are we so outraged every time the Post Office raises the price of stamps? Because we keep forgetting how expensive they are! "What, the price of stamps is rising to 44 cents?!? That's outrageous! Wait, what, they already are 44 cents each? Oh man, that sucks!"

My wife probably disagrees with me, because she buys the stamps and knows how much a booklet costs. But if you're like me and you use the Intarweb to pay for things, you might want to delegate the stamp-buying to your significant other.

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