Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Incredible Baby Stella Stud Finding Noony

My father-in-law and I were attempting to install some shelves in my daughter's room, but we couldn't find any studs in the wall. My father-in-law, Pops, didn't have his stud finder with him. And I, being completely useless, do not have a stud finder at my house.

Everyone knows that having the right tools makes any job easier, but sometimes just knowing how the right tool works is enough to put you on the right path. So I asked Pops how a stud finder works, and he explained that some stud finders use a small pivoting magnet to find where nails were driven into the studs. If you know where the nails are then you know where the studs are.

Magnets... interesting. I thought about using a magnet from the fridge, but I doubted any of those weak magnets would be of any help to us. But there is one magnet in my house that is so powerful that we have to keep it away from the computer, lest it wipe out my hard drive. That magnet is inside a plush noony that is an accessory to my daughter's Baby Stella doll.

I yanked the noony away from the Stella doll and ran it along the wall. Sure enough, the noony stuck to the wall right where a stud was. I found a stud! I'm not completely useless after all!

[Picture: The Baby Stell Stud Finder Noony]

My wife plucked the noony off the wall and said she wanted to find a stud. She then put the noony on my chest. "How sweet!" I thought. "She thinks I'm a stud!" I gave a huge grin.

Then she let the noony fall to the floor.

"Oh well," she said, "I guess you aren't such a stud after all."

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