Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Operation Shelf: Success!

In my previous post we examined how a Baby Stella noony can be used a stud finder. I got so much reaction to this particular post that I thought I'd give you a little "behind the scenes" DVD special feature.

So enjoy these pictures of my father-in-law, Pops, doing all the hard work of installing a shelf in my daughter's room while I'm noticeably absent.

This first picture shows the stud that Pops found as a base of operations for the shelf. Either that or an 8 foot tall invisible baby is suckling a noony in this room.

[Picture: Stud, found!]

You know what they say... measure twice, hang noony, cut once.

[Picture: Measuring...]

Pops took the whole "noony" thing to the next level. He also used Baby Stella's plush popsicle as a second stud finder.

[Picture: Searching...]

As you can see, he not only used the noony and popsicle, but also took a small round magnet from the fridge. So those fridge magnets work after all... we might put the stud finding companies out of business!

[Picture: Three studs!]

Last but not least, here's Pops doing all the work himself. I wasn't there because I was either a) working late to intentionally avoid putting up a shelf, or b) well, there is no b. I was working late to intentionally avoid putting up a shelf.

[Picture: Success!]

Thanks again, Pops, for putting up Anne's shelf! She loves it! But just be warned, Betty's already started another "To Do" list for me but I think I have to work late all next year....

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