Monday, August 10, 2009

Real Estate for Workaholics

My dad was worried that I was the only Tanory blogging on the Intarweb and that some people might get the wrong impression of the entire Tanory family due to some of my opinions, such as my belief that etiquette is the greatest marketing scam of all time.

So he started his own blog called Real Estate for Workaholics.

My dad used to be a real estate agent. Now he's a real estate guru. When he first started as a realtor he went by the moniker the "Workaholic" and it wasn't just a name - he really is a workaholic. When I was a kid he would work all the time, night and day, Sundays, holidays... you name it and he worked it.

He was so in demand that we'd get calls on our main phone line, kid's line, fax line, clothes line, via emails, snail mail, etc. People were relentless.

That's the life of a realtor, and my dad thrived in it.

But that's not to say that he worked so much that he ignored his family. My dad made every single one of his kid's baseball games, soccer games, dance recitals, school events... and even was the coach for many of our teams.

Embarrassing side note: One time, when I played on a team called the Mama's Boys, we even got my dad to wear a hot pink shirt that said "Big Mama" on it. Now that's dedication!

But now he's the guru. He teaches other people the best practices of the industry, and then watches as his students go out and whup some real estate butt.

So if you are a realtor, preferably in the Lafayette, LA, area then please check out my dad's blog.

Also, father, now that you are blogging, it is my main objective to destroy your blog (along with everyone else's) and make people come to my blog instead. So enjoy our soon-to-begin blog war. En guarde!

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