Friday, September 04, 2009

Desert Camel Hero

Forget about Guitar Hero - I have a new favorite toy: Desert Camel Hero!

[Picture: Desert Camel Hero]

My cousin Elizabeth brought this back to me from her trip to China and India. My daughter is scared of it and will scream when I turn it on - and my wife thinks it's freaky as well. Which makes it all the more fun, of course.

Here's a video that someone posted on YouTube that shows the Desert Camel Hero in action.

Interestingly enough, the guy on the camel is holding a guitar but the song played when you turn the camel on is the Beverly Hills Cop theme song. So either the Desert Camel Hero is a really gift guitar player, or he just really loves Eddie Murphy movies from 1984 (and who could blame him?).

So now my life goals are as follows:

1. Learn how to play the Beverly Hills Cop theme song on my guitar.
2. Find a camel to ride.
3. Ride the camel while playing the Beverly Hills Cop theme song.
4. Be totally awesome like my Desert Camel Hero toy.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for thinking of me on your trip to China and India! Other cousins, take note - you are all now ranked #2 on the Best Cousin list. You'll have to buy my love with something even more awesome than Desert Camel Hero. And good luck with that!


The #1 Cousin said...

SOOO glad you like your gift!!! It's what you were destined to be, a Desert Camel Hero, if only you had been born in a desert rather than a swamp. It was awesome seeing those pictures of Anne but I think the camel hero outshined her in my book today haha just joking! Nothing could be more wonderful than the princess baby!

Love ya'll and hope to see the family soon!


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