Friday, September 04, 2009

The Ladybug Cake

My wife is making a "practice" ladybug cake for her friend's daughter's first birthday. I think it came out pretty good. Check it out:

[Picture: Practice Ladybug Cake]

Betty asked me if I could think of any improvements to the cake. But this, like all questions that my wife asks me, is a trick question. If I say "No" then she'll assume that I didn't put any thought into it, and will think I'm just saying that because I don't want to hurt her feelings. But if I say "Yes" then she'll think her work wasn't good enough.

Since I was going to get in trouble either way, I decided to just be honest.

"Have the ladybug rip an aphid apart in its mighty fangs," I suggested, "and that way the cake is not only tasty but is also educational. Put some insect blood dripping down the ladybug's mouth and down the side of the cake - that will make a good conversation piece at the birthday party."

Betty thought about it and said, "Well, aphids are ladybugs' natural prey. But that might be too gruesome for a baby's first birthday cake."

Baby's gotta learn sometimes, I thought. But instead I said:

"Ladybugs exhibit a phenomenon known as aposematism which is when the coloring is bright as a warning to other animals. I bet the baby will miss the irony that we are eating a brightly colored animal cake on purpose, but it's like sooo ironic. I am ROFLing in my head right now as I imagine us doing that, aren't you?"

That's when Betty said that I could go back to blogging.

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