Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Grand-Daddy

Does your grandfather still wake up at 5 am and put on slacks and a long sleeve button-down shirt because he's used to it after working for 40 years? And are you or your loved one preggers? Well, help your G-dad relax by getting him this beautiful and regal "Baby Grand-Daddy" t-shirt.

If your granddad is in an assisted living facility like mine, then the ladies in the facility will know that not only is your grandfather virile, but that his genes are continuing to propagate across the earth. Your grandfather might actually start to like the assisted living facility after you buy him this shirt.

And who knows, your grandfather might even get 30 minutes of exercise per day by running from the mob of ladies who will chase him around, all in an effort to rip his new clothes off of him. If that happens, you can always just buy him another Baby Grand-Daddy t-shirt.

By the way, we also have Baby Daddy t-shirts for the less "grand" daddies. I should mention that it's perfectly fine to get your grandfather both the Baby Daddy and Baby Grand-Daddy t-shirts, since technically he is both.

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