Thursday, October 01, 2009

Being Donald Duck

At long last, I have been certified as the official Donald Duck of Halloween. Check out my sweet outfit!

[Picture: Awesome Donald picture 1]

Look how happy I am - I would definitely make a great Donald at Disney World!

And since everyone who sells a Donald Duck outfit on eBay is apparently compelled to take cheesey pictures of themselves looking forward, sideways and to the rear, I went ahead and took those pictures now in preparation for when I eBay this outfit (if ever).

The Forward Donald:

[Picture: Awesome Donald picture 2]

Donald in Profile:

[Picture: Awesome Donald picture 3]

Donald's Hot Tail:

[Picture: Awesome Donald picture 4]

Betty couldn't stand it that I was having so much fun at Donald, so she forced me to take it off. It's the only time since the Honeymoon that she's practically ripped my clothes off, and that first time was only so that I wouldn't spill my wine on the rented tux.

[Picture: Mrs. Donald]

We're actively eBaying for a Daisy Duck outfit, but so far we just haven't had any luck. I'm sure we'll find something closer to Halloween. In the meantime, go find yourself a Disney costume and plan on coming to the Tanory house for Halloween. We still need a Mickey, a Goofy, a Pluto and a Pete!


DHG said...

I am trying to put together a Donald Duck costume for halloween. I have a hat that I bought at DisneyWorld when I was six or seven. I also worked for a baseball team on Long Island called teh Ducks and have a quacker (basically like a duckbill shaped noisemaker). I googled donald duck tail and found your blog. Where did you find the full costume? If I can't find one for cheap, I'm going to piecemeal it together by finding a blue sailor top, red kerchief, white shorts and orange leggings. Let me know.

Bobby said...

Hi David,

I bought the Donald Duck costume on eBay. It took several attempts to get one - I have a few other blog posts about my experiences trying to outbid other people at the last second to no avail. My wife also bought a Daisy Duck outfit online. If you get one online, take shipping time into account - with Halloween coming up so soon you might not get it in time if you buy today.

Good luck getting an outfit! If you post a pic of your outfit, send me a link!

Anonymous said...

hello you could sell me the dress of donald duck?

Anonymous said...

How long does it take to put it on and take it off?

Bobby said...

Just a minute or two, but it helps to have someone zip me up in the back.