Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Bozo Ball Toss

The Bozo Ball Toss is quite possibly the most intricate of all carnival games. To win you must be skilled at repeatedly tossing small, light balls into buckets up to ten feet away. In case you were wondering: yes, it defies physics. It also defies the imagination. But the prize if you succeed is more than just pride and glory: there's also candy.

With so much at stake, the good people at St. George needed a man's man to man the Bozo booth at their annual fair which took place over the weekend. And that man was me.

[Picture: Bob and his balls]

Betty helped, too.

Of course, if you were looking for the Bozo Ball Toss then you might have missed it unless you were looking for "OZO BA L TOSS", which is what the title of the game was after some kids knocked a few letters off. Who knew that small, light balls could pack such an incredible punch?

[Picture: The Ozo Ba L Toss]

I got tired of explaining how to play the game to all of the kids at the fair, so instead I just created a small poster that had the following info:

Step 1: Stand near the Bozo Ball Toss game and throw / toss 6 balls into one of the six buckets screwed to the floor. Like so:

[Picture: The Bozo Demo: Tossing]

Step 2: Jump up and down after you win. And yes, even if you get zero balls into the buckets, you will still win something.

[Picture: The Bozo Demo: Winner!]

I know this sounds like a game for manly men, but don't worry ladies, there's something for you as well. I had to bend down to pick up the balls off the ground after every game, so if you played your cards right you could have seen this after your kid missed all 6 buckets:

[Picture: Bob's butt]

Betty and I practiced the Bozo game when business was a little light, and I think I have found the best way to land a ball in the 6th and final bucket: bank the ball off the Bozo sign down into the bucket. I can't wait until next year's St. George fair at which point I will take the poor sap who mans the Bozo booth for all he's worth.

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