Saturday, October 03, 2009


We were going to dress my daughter up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year, but I think I have a better idea. We're going to dress her up as Crankenstein.

Who or what is Crankenstein? Well, it's simple: Crankenstein is a cranky version of Frankenstein.

My daughter, Anne, has been a little cranky lately. It might be because she has some more teeth coming in, or it might be that the change in the weather is wreaking havoc on her sinuses. Or it might be because it's getting darker earlier, and she's not able to play outside as much anymore. Or it might be because she gets hives when she plays outside now.

Nobody really knows the reason, but it's inevitable that she would get cranky - she's a year and a half old, after all. She's reaching her "Terrible Two" stage. Crankiness is expected.

So instead of trying to soothe her crankiness, we've decided to celebrate it by smearing green face paint all over her and taping two bolts to the sides of her neck. And if we come to your house for Halloween and you don't give her lots of candy, we're going to let her throw a real Tanory Tantrum on your front porch.

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