Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daisy Duck

My wife looks beautiful in anything, but she looks especially hot in her new Daisy Duck outfit. Check it out!

[Picture: Daisy Duck has arrived!]

Of course, you can't buy any kind of Halloween costume without thinking that you might one day resell it on eBay. We took these pictures in anticipation of that day:

Daisy's Front:
[Picture: Front side of Daisy Duck]

Daisy from the side:
[Picture: Side view of Daisy Duck]

Daisy's hot tail:
[Picture: Back side of Daisy Duck]

As you know from a previous blog post, I'm infatuated with Daisy Duck. Let's just say that if I were a real duck, and if Daisy Duck came waddling around, I would swim up to her and jam my cloaca right up against hers until I was all quacked out. Oh yeah, that's hot!

I couldn't resist putting on my Donald outfit and getting a little duck lovin'.

[Picture: Daisy Duck has arrived!]

Let's just say that Daisy got ducked!

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