Thursday, October 29, 2009

"The Donald" Duck

My office is having a Halloween contest, and the winner gets a nice chunk of change. So tomorrow not only will I be in character all day long, but I will also be actively sabotaging other people's costumes.

What can I say? The Corporate world is cutthroat.

Last year I dressed up as Austin Powers, and my family joined me on stage as part of my costume: Anne was Mini Me and Betty was Felicity Shagwell. We won second place.

This year I originally signed up to be Donald Duck, but I've made a minor - yet significant - modification to my outfit: I'll be wearing a wig.

The wig is an important addition, as for this year's Halloween contest I will be dressing up as "The Donald" Duck, which is a hybrid of Donald Trump and Donald Duck.

The goal is to get up on stage, grab the mic and then fire everyone else in the Halloween contest. If I'm the only one competing then I should win all the prizes.

Seems easy enough.

If you would like to be my apprentice for the day, meet me at my cubicle and I'll give you and your competitors random challenges during the workday in which to impress me. The winner gets to take a ride over Baton Rouge in my Mickey Mouse Club hot air balloon.

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