Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Grandmother of all Garage Sales

If your grandma is like my grandma, she likes nothing better than to go to a garage sale and rummage through other people's stuff. It doesn't matter if she needs another used dust ruffle, curtain rod or ceramic bunny statue, the point is that she can get it for under a quarter. It's all about getting a good deal.

"Who knows when someone will need this Christmas tree skirt?" she'll ask, before haggling the price down to 10 cents.

I bring this topic up because my grandmother just moved into an assisted living home, and she can't take all her stuff with her. There's just no room at her new pad for all of the pillows, angel statues, blankets and Tupperware that she's collected over the years. So my family is putting on a garage sale, and now your grandma can come over to my grandma's house and buy all of her old stuff for cheap.

Everything must go!

"But Bob," I can hear you saying, "how do I know how much money to bring, and how big of a vehicle should I drive in which to fill up with loot such as old romance novels, Jesus statues and china?"

Well my friends, have no fear: you can get a preview of the garage sale by viewing this video.

With the economy in its current state, it probably is a good time to buy used rather than buy new. So why don't you pick up your grandma early on Saturday and drive over to my grandma's house? Who knows, your grandma might even buy you something nice in order to show you her appreciation.

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