Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Than Meets the Eye

I just finished watching "Transformers: Rise of the Fallen".

Transformers are supposed to be "more than meets the eye", but nobody told that to the director: the movie was 97% special effects, 2% Megan Fox running around in slow motion, 1% plot, and 0% character development. So I'd say that Transformers 2's motto is "meets the eye."

But there's one thing that I really liked about the movie: The USS Kidd makes a cameo and kicks some Decepticon ass.

Now I know what you're asking: how could the USS Kidd have whupped evil, mechanized ass when it's docked in the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge?

The answer, of course, is that there are three ships named USS Kidd, and while ship DDG-100 was featured in Transformers, DDG-661 is the one docked in Baton Rouge. But that still won't stop me from asking the USS Kidd tour guide about Transformers when I bring my family there this summer.

Now that we're on the topics of kicking ass and Navy ships, I want to bring to your attention an article that Baton Rouge's paper, the Advocate, wrote about my father-in-law Jimmy Mathes. He and three other men in the article were in boot camp and electrician mate's school together, and all served on the USS Oriskany at the same time. It's a rare occurrence that any men are stationed together through that many years of service.

Forty-four sailors and airmen died on Oct. 26, 1966 on the Oriskany, and Jimmy was there to see it all happen. The article mentions some events that I didn't know about. My wife was even surprised at some of it. It sheds a whole different light on Jimmy, and we love him all the more for it.

Like the Autobots in Transformers, my father-in-law is more than meets the eye.

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