Monday, October 05, 2009

Tickets to the Florida Game

When I came home from work today my wife informed me that her parents had an extra ticket to the LSU vs. Florida game this Saturday, and she asked if I would like to go.

I wanted to say "Hellz yeah!" but I hesitated, because after all, this could be a trap.

You see, last year I made two LSU football games, but Betty made none. She was at home with the baby while I was out tiger-baiting anything that wasn't dressed in purple and gold. So this question of whether or not I wanted to go to the game, as innocent as it sounds, could have just been a ploy for Betty to see how much I really love her.

So instead of quickly piping in, "Yes, please!" I instead asked if she would want to go instead. "Go, have fun, I'll stay with Anne. We'll watch it on TV. We'll even drive you out the stadium, tailgate for a while, and then meet you at your parents' house after the game. I can put Anne to bed there."

If nothing else, this proves that I love my wife.

She said she'd think about it. I begged her to take the ticket. I just wouldn't feel right taking them... at least not until after she had denied them three times. After that I can't feel sorry for anyone who doesn't take LSU vs. Florida tickets.

In the end, neither Betty nor I had to make a final decision. Betty said that her brother gave the extra ticket to his friend.

Of course, this could be another trap. Maybe Betty wants me to show my dedication to her by breaking into her brother's friend's house in the dead of night and stealing the tickets back.

Ah... the things we do for love!

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