Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treating on Sorority Row

On Wednesday, Betty and I took Anne to go Trick or Treating on Sorority Row.

Last year we took her in a stroller, but this year we opted for her pink princess car. She was the hit of Sorority Row! Her car was good for maneuvering around slow Trick or Treaters, and also for going off-road in order to snag some candy from hard-to-reach candy peddlers.

[Picture: Betty and Anne on Sorority Row]

Along the way down Sorority Row we saw a lot of fun sights. For example, we saw some Tiger Girls, which I thought meant they were half tiger / half human, but Betty said they were members of a dance team. Although, how anyone can dance with such tight spandex on is beyond me.

[Picture: Annie and the Tiger Girls]

If Anne's face looks a little greasy in that picture it's because she had just finished her first ever sucker. It was a brown Tootsie Pop. Mark it in the Baby Book!

We saw a lot of other fun sights besides girls in tight pants. For instance, we saw a giant, ravenous turtle...

[Picture: Our good friend Sara and her half-turtle son]

and a killer, flesh-eating ladybug the size of a small child...

[Picture: Lilly the giant ladybug]

and last but not least, we saw a cow. And yes, I yanked on her udders.

[Picture: Cow!!!]

She liked it.

As for Anne, she had a great time as Minnie Mouse. She really enjoyed the sights and sounds of Sorority Row. Who knows, maybe one day she'll even live there. She might be a DZ like her mommy and Gransy, or a DG like her Nanny.

[Picture: My beautiful Minnie Mouse]

Being back on campus brought back a lot of good memories. But no memory is better than spending some quality time with my wife and daughter, whilst racking up candy from girls in tight pants.

I can't wait until next Halloween.

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