Monday, November 09, 2009

Anne's First Haircut

My daughter, Anne, got her first haircut last Friday. We used to think it was cute when an entire side of her face was hidden by her hair, but when she started looking like an emo we knew something had to be done.

Here's what she looked like before:

[Picture: Before]

And here's what she looks like after:

[Picture: Before]

Annie's first haircut was such a big event that Skip Bertman, former LSU baseball head coach, attended Anne's first haircut. You can see him in the picture below. He's the old guy sitting off to the left.

[Picture: Annie with Skip]

Skip said he saw a lot of potential in how Annie threw the comb, her noonie and a powder brush across the room, and thought she'd make a great shortstop. Skip knows talent when he sees it!

Thanks to Mrs. Teddy, Mrs. Julie, and all the other wonderful ladies at Ruff Cuts in Baton Rouge for a wonderful first haircut.

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