Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bowling Over the Competition

I won a costume contest on Saturday. Nevermind that I was the only adult to dress up for the contest - I still won.

Hurry for winning by default!

[Picture: Winner by default!]

My glorious rise to fame as a world-class Halloween Costume Contestant occurred at Don Carter's All Star Lanes in Baton Rouge, where my company's IT managers threw a big Halloween bash for us. In addition to springing for three hours of bowling and free food and drinks, they also held a costume contest for adults and a separate contest for children.

[Picture: The family that dresses up and bowls together stays together]

As you know, Betty and I don't mess around when it comes to costume contests. We donned our Daisy and Donald Duck outfits and took to Lane #1. The extra weight on the tail end of our costumes made for a lower center of gravity, which made us much more effective bowlers. Our bowling scores were the highest they've ever been.

[Picture: Betty the bowler]

Although our high scores might have also been due to the bumpers that we put on our lane. We eventually got the bumpers for Betty, which propelled her score from the high 40's to the low 80's, but everyone benefitted from them. I got two spares off a bank shot, but at least I called "bank" before I bowled.

[Picture: Betty the bowler, action shot!]

Not only do Betty and I take costume contests seriously, but it turns out that our daughter does, too. She wore her Minnie Mouse outfit, but she wasn't content with just being cute. She also wanted to win the "Best Bowler" award. So she went on a hunt for the perfect ball / candy.

[Picture: Annie arms herself]

There wasn't actually a prize for the best bowler, but there was a grand prize for the team with the highest bowling score. So we asked our parents to come and bowl / babysit. Betty's dad bowled while her mom helped to entertain Annie.

[Picture: The in-laws are in charge]

My mom bowled, helped entertain Annie, and also told me that I'm her favorite child. That last part might not have actually happened, but I'm writing the blog so let's pretend that it did. Thanks, Mom!

[Picture: A duck and his proud mother]

As for my dad, he helped Annie achieve her dreams of being a world-class bowler by giving her a demo of what it's like to throw gutter balls. Sometimes you have to feel the sting of defeat before you can rise up to be the greatest.

[Picture: Bowling with the baby]

Annie was fascinated by the ball return. She thought it was magic! I mean, how else to explain how Dada can throw a ball down the lane, miss all the pins and land in the gutter, then have the ball automagically appear back on our side of the lane?

[Picture: Making sure the ball return feature works properly]

In the end, our team didn't get the highest point award, even though I blatantly re-scored all of our frames to have 5 strikes per team member. Annie didn't win the children's costume contest, but we attribute that to me winning the adult contest. (A human-sized tap dancing Tootie Roll that took first place in the kid's contest.)

But we all had a great time at the bowling alley. Who knew that doing something outside of work with all of my coworkers could actually be fun?

[Picture: One for the ladies]

That's a joke, of course. All of my co-workers rock. Especially the people who didn't dress up for the costume contest, as they made me a winner by default.

The end of the bowling tournament wasn't the end of our day, though. We still had to go Trick or Treating and also had to watch the LSU game. So after we left the bowling alley it was time for a much needed siesta. I didn't look as cute as this, but almost!

[Picture: Nap time!]

We hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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