Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tired and Cranky

For the past six months or so we've been able to put my daughter down in bed, and within a matter of minutes she'd be asleep. But for the past week or so she's been back to her old ways: screaming when we put her in bed, crying until she vomits, and kicking at the bed until her knees are bruised.

Betty and I have been coping by letting Anne scream for an hour and then picking her up, rocking her to sleep, and cleaning up all of her vomit.

But that all ends tonight. If she screams for two hours, so be it. If she has to sleep in her own vomit tonight, tough luck. We're too tired to take it anymore.

Some of you might call it tough love... we're calling it "being too tired to do anything."

Betty is especially tired. She takes care of Anne most nights, then takes care of her all throughout the day. I've been working late, so Betty's had virtually no time to rest.

As for me, I've been so tired at work that I've become very cranky. I've been crying, screaming and kicking things around - just like Annie! And strangely enough, it's worked to my advantage: less and less people are coming to my desk to bug me about random problems.

Who knew that crying like a baby could have such a good result? Besides my baby?

I'm thinking about leaving Anne in her bed to cry just to see what she'll do. Maybe I'll get some other good pointers for how to behave at work.

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