Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bedside Blogging

Betty and I have started the long, arduous process of getting the house ready for the baby. So far we've only managed to do one thing, which is to move the computer and desk from the "old computer room" to our "new computer room," or what used to be called "our bedroom."

Having the computer in our bedroom has its advantages. For example, I can blog while Betty reads in bed or while she sleeps, I can use the monitor as a night light, and I can set my computer to wake me up in the morning - although I haven't figured out how to make it snooze.

If I have a good idea in the middle of night I can just lean over in bed, grab the wireless keyboard and start typing away. No more tip-toeing into the old computer room, which was perilously situated next to my daughter's room, and chance waking up the little one.

But best of all, I can now sleep between my two loves: my wife and my computer. Maybe I'll even convince both loves to wear sexy lingerie to bed one night. I think the printer is a size 3.

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