Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Decade

If you see me on Saturday and I am walking with a cane, don't be alarmed: it's because I'll be 30.

That's right, today marks the last day of my third decade on Earth. Or to put it another way, tomorrow marks the first day of my fourth decade. I will officially be "old."

My first decade was spent being pampered by my parents. Man, I had it made: they fed me, they clothed me, they wiped me down and gave me baths. I routinely went to the bathroom in my pants and nobody thought that was necessarily a bad thing. Everything was new and exciting, and most of my learning involved crayons and songs. That was the good life.

My second decade was not as good as the first, judging only by the fact that nobody gave me a sponge bath during this decade, but it sure spanned a lot of amazing experiences. At the beginning of my second decade I was in elementary school in Lafayette, and at the end I was in college in Baton Rouge. Along the way I experienced pimples, high school, proms, the law changing so that I couldn't drink until I was 21 years old right as I turned 17.9 years old, and fraternity life.

In my third decade on Earth, I found the love of my life, got a job, got married, moved into a new house, changed jobs again, had a child, and became an amateur blogger. I went from being a journeyman software developer to being a technical lead for a $1.5 billion company. I went from being frisked at the gate of the LSU games to being cordially invited to attend sporting events in box seats. At some point during this decade, other people got the mistaken impression that I matured.

But what will my fourth decade have in store? A slower metabolism? Grey chest hair? Arthritis in my knee? An expanding wardrobe due to an expanding waistline? Or another decade of complete awesomeness?

There are a lot of good things that I plan on accomplishing in this next decade of life: more children, a bigger home, better job satisfaction, more time with my family, and more travel. I plan on cramming in as many good times into this next decade, but I know that at some point I will once again be fed, clothed and bathed by another human being, but the next time around it won't be as much fun as in that first decade.

So I cordially invite you to join me in my fourth decade on Earth. Let's get to know each other better, let's gather our families together more often, and let's make this decade the best decade that we have ever lived together.

So again, if you see me tomorrow and I am walking with a cane, don't be alarmed: it's just because I'm 30, and hurt my arthritic knee kicking life in the ass.

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