Friday, December 04, 2009

Sneaux Day!

It's a rare event for it to snow, or "sneaux" as we call it, down in Louisiana. But guess what? It's snowing! In Baton Rouge! For the second year in a row!

I have family and friends from up north, and they might scoff at a half inch of snow. But it rarely ever snows down South, so when it does it's like a holiday. Everyone gets out of school early, businesses close at 2 instead of 6, and people start driving like maniacs at the first drop of a snowflake instead of at the regular crazy-driving time of 5:15.

On a normal night we'd have our routines: eat some spicy Cajun food, drink a few beers, watch sports and then fail in an attempt to lure our spouses into having sex with us. But on a snow day all bets are off. We don't have a routine. Should we stay indoors and drink hot chocolate? Should we cuddle up by the fireplace? Should we throw icy slush-balls at our six year-old neighbors from behind the bushes in the front yard?

Although the snow is fun, it's difficult for our state when it snows. For one thing, we don't have the necessary tools to clean up the roads after a few hours of sleet. All we have is a guy who walks with a trash can full of salt and salts the road every ten feet, and another guy who walks around with a portable blow dryer.

Another disadvantage of snow days: so much of our state's revenue is tied up in tourism, and most of the tourists go down to New Orleans. And when it snows there's less flashing on Bourbon for obvious reasons, which means two less reasons to go to Bourbon... which means less revenue for our state.

Although it's pretty cold right now, $50 says that next week it'll be back in the 80's. That's Louisiana for you. And nobody here will complain, because it will mean a renewed season of women flashing on Bourbon, which means big business for Louisiana.

But for now, I think I'll go play outside, assault the neighbors with snowballs, then come inside for a nice hot cup of coco.

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