Sunday, December 20, 2009

The World's Greatest Sausage Balls

Betty's aunt, whom we call Auntie, makes the greatest sausage balls in the world. They're supposedly just made with sausage, cheese and biscuit mix, but I think there are a couple of other secret ingredients that I don't know about. I bet the real recipe is kept hidden, just like the family jewels.

[Picture: Sausage balls]

I took pictures of Auntie's sausage balls in anticipation of writing a blog about them, but Betty was afraid that I would make allusions to another type of "balls." Let me assure you that I would never, ever do such a thing, because if I ever compared Auntie's sausage balls to male genitalia, I may never get them again.

Oh nuts! I just compared them to testicles, but it was completely on accident. I promise!

Bollocks! I just did it again!

[Picture: Close-up of a plate of sausage balls]

On a related note, there used to be a soccer team in Lafayette called the Nads. When the parents would cheer for the team they would yell, "Go, nads!" Although I suspect some people were actually yelling, "Gonads!" (I know I was.)

[Picture: Sausage balls]

Anyway, I love Auntie's sausage balls. They, along with my mother-in-law's cinnamon buns, make the holiday season for me. But the sausage balls are so tasty that they go quickly, so I usually have to reach in and grab a handful of sausage balls before anyone notices that they're hanging about freely.

[Picture: Sausage balls]

Thanks, Auntie, for making the holidays a little bit tastier each year!

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Jamie said...

can I get the recipe?