Friday, January 29, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

Betty gave me her heart today. It was in cake form, but it was her heart nonetheless.

[Picture: Hearty cake!]

Betty's been taking cake decorating classes, and today's cake was a two-tiered cake with the top layer being shaped like a heart, adorned with roses made of gum paste. I helped to roll the fondant, but only after Betty promised to let me eat all the leftover cake, icing and fondant.

The heart is white cake, and the base is chocolate cake. I wanted to make the heart red velvet, with extra red raspberry filler that would spurt out when the cake was cut open, but Betty vetoed my idea.

Even though my idea was a bust, her cake gave me a new idea for a book called "Heart Warming Cake: A Thriller". The first line goes something like:

He walked into the bakery, looked the head baker in the eyes and said, 'I'm going to cut open your heart and eat it.'

And it ends with white icing being squirted from a piping bag onto the smooth fondant layer of a white heart cake. Did I say it was a thriller? Maybe it's a romantic comedy. Or maybe it's NC17.

Either way, this cake is pretty awesome. And all this blogging is making me hungry... time to ask for more of Betty's heart!

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