Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Edible Present

Betty is taking cake decorating classes and today's lesson was decorate a cake with ribbons made out of fondant. The cake came out great - it looked amazing, and it tasted great, too! I know, because I not only ate a piece after dinner, but I snuck two pieces after Betty went to bed. Mmm, mmmm!

[Picture: Cake!]

I keep trying to convince Betty to use her mad cake decorating skillz to make a Transformers cake. It can be a cake that looks like an Autobot humanoid, but can then transform into a car, truck, plane or other cool cake toy. But so far her cake decorating classes have only covered flowers, ribbons, fondant and gum paste. Autobots must be in one of the upcoming lessons.

[Picture: More cake!]

Betty doesn't like fondant, though, so I get to eat the whole thing by myself. I will try my best!

If you or someone you know likes cake with fondant ribbons, then you can sign yourself or your spouse up for a cake decorating class. Keep your hands off of my cake!

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Nicole C. Colvin said...

This is awesome! Way to geaux Betty!!!!!