Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Eye of the Beholder

When the Saints beat the Vikings on Sunday, all of the Saints players received hats and shirts stating that the Saints were the NFC champions. Boxes of Saints NFC Championship shirts, hats, mugs, etc, were unpacked and put up on shelves in stores all across Louisiana. Online retailers updated their websites to have shirts with the Colts and Saints on them. And in every newspaper headquarters around the world, paper presses were being set to print the Colts vs. Saints stories instead of the Colts vs. Vikings, Jets vs. Vikings or Jets vs. Saints stories.

Because, as we all know, these shirts, hats, online articles, etc, are all made en masse before the game even starts. Regardless of who wins, there's a shirt for that. Or a hat for that. Or an online article for that.

I even wrote a blog called "Screw the Jets vs. Vikings Super Bowl, I'm Watching 'Everest: Beyond the Limit' on NetFlix On Demand" but didn't post it because, well, those teams lost.

So what happens when retailers realize that they can't sell their "Jets vs. Vikings Super Bowl" shirts, hats, socks, and g-strings? They send them back to the distributor, who then donates them to an organization that sends them halfway across the world.

I found this NY Times article that gives you a lot more details about the loot given to the winning team of the Super Bowl and about where the rest of the stuff goes. It's from 2007 - the year the Saints could have been in the Super Bowl had they beat the Bears - but it's still chock full of good info.

Which means someone in a third world country is wearing a "Saints vs. Patriots Super Bowl '07" shirt right now. It also means that my family up in Minnesoooooota shouldn't be too sad - your team will be recognized as the NFC champions in some third world country.

It's like they always say, history is in the eye of the beholder.

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